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Precision parts processing range

Customized according to customer needs / processing with drawings and samples


Custom made

According to customer needs, customers can place orders for customized ..



Many years of experience in hardware parts processing can meet your various..



For product design problems, our company has an experienced design team that..



With 20 years of experience in non-standard equipment design, we can help ..



10 years of hard work, deep strength

  • Focus on mechanical processing for 20 years, covering various processes in the industry, giving customers a one-stop purchasing experience
  • Technical engineers have more than 10 years of operating experience, enough to deal with various processing problems
  • Complete equipment and sufficient production capacity, which can meet the requirements of single-piece, loose-piece, and mass production
  • Equipped with precision processing equipment, the product accuracy can reach up to 0.002mm

Efficient production, Fast Delivery

  • Delivery within 1-7 working days after the order is placed, the progress can be reported at any time, and the delivery time is under the control of the customer
  • Efficient cell-based production method, strive to minimize delays and ensure product delivery
  • Orders are tracked and followed up by special personnel throughout the entire process to promote seamless connection of various processing links and close cooperation

Quality control, Excellence

  • Rigorous production inspection process to reduce the defective rate of parts and solve customers' worries
  • Imported three-coordinate measuring instrument, height measuring instrument, inner and outer micrometer, detection accuracy 0.001mm
  • Provide customers with qualified products while providing test reports and material reports

Attentive service, after-sales Worry-free

  • 7*24Hours of online customer service for you
  • Provide technical consultation and technical exchange
  • Cooperate with product improvement and optimization in the later stage

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification


Common testimony from customers in multiple industry applications




IC semiconductor

IC semiconductor





Military industry

Military industry


medical instruments

medical instruments



Deliver cutting-edge information and grasp industry trends

Technical Support

What are the methods of processing precision machinery parts

What are the methods for processing precision machinery parts? Precision machining is a more detaile...【More】


Visit the Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing to learn and exchange talent training models

NEWVisit the Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing to learn and exchange talent training models

At 14:00 on November 13, 2017, Shenzhen Technician College and Shenzhen Machinery Industry Associati...【MORE】


    Focus on precision parts processing, achieve excellence with heart

    ? ?Shenzhen Dahan Precision Parts Co., Ltd. has been focusing on precision parts processing for 20 years. The professional technician team has provided high-quality products and considerate services for domestic and foreign customers for a long time.

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