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Visit the Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing to learn and exchange talent training models


At 14:00 on November 13, 2017, Shenzhen Technician College and Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association organized a visit to the Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing in the school, and held a "dual system" vocational education and school-enterprise cooperation on-site observation at 15:30 in the afternoon Seminar activities. Participants in this seminar include the director of Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Secretary-General of Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, the dean of Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, the vice chairman of Yinbaoshan New Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Representatives of some member companies of the Machinery Industry Association. In the itinerary of Shenzhen Technician College that day,

(1) Visit to Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing

The Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing of Shenzhen Technician College (Figure 1) was formally established on May 9, 2016, with

There are five majors: CNC programming, mold manufacturing, laser technology application, industrial robot application and maintenance, and elevator technology. The college is committed to introducing high-quality German educational resources, according to the German "dual system" talent training concept and model, introducing the German "dual system" curriculum system, forming a Chinese-German mixed faculty team, and building a Sino-German characteristic training base for Shenzhen The precision manufacturing, high-end manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing industries cultivate highly skilled talents that are in urgent need.


  The first stop of the college visit is the ordinary milling machine training area. On the exhibition cabinet at the entrance, the works of students of all grades and technical stages are displayed. The teacher of the school is responsible for the explanation and detailed introduction of the students' production process. The day coincided with the final of the ordinary milling machine skills competition of the Shenzhen Technician College Skills Festival. Outstanding students from the school and outstanding employees recommended by Yinbaoshan New Technology Co., Ltd. to participate in the school participated in the finals. There were special videos and A number of professional judges have moved the school competition closer to the standardization and specialization. Through competitive competitions, students’ recognition of their majors has been strengthened, and award-winning students have a higher sense of accomplishment. The second stop of the visit is the CNC professional training center. In the computer room, the machine is kept clean and tidy, and garbage can be collected. Clean up.


In general, Shenzhen Technician College provides complete teaching and training facilities for the Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, and invests a large amount of faculty. The respect given to students by the school has achieved the confidence, respect and recognition of students in their own professions. In terms of student education, we refer to the German training system, combine Chinese and German teaching, and actively communicate with German experts to train students into professional talents with both theory and practice.

(2) "Dual system" vocational education and school-enterprise cooperation on-site observation seminar

In the afternoon "Dual System" seminar, the government, schools, industries and enterprises gathered together to understand what the "Dual System" vocational education is, and jointly promote the development of school-enterprise cooperation at the seminar.

"Dual system" vocational education means that student training is jointly completed by schools and factories, realizing school-enterprise cooperation and a teaching model that integrates engineering and learning. The dean of the Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing reduced the process of the college’s "dual system" education from planning to implementation at the meeting:

(1) Establishment background

From the perspective of the government: The Shenzhen Municipal Government has issued the "Shenzhen City's Implementation Plan for the Pilot Work of Developing a New Enterprise Apprenticeship System." The government vigorously promotes the dual education system in Germany. , Entering the enterprise, entering the school, the enterprise-school dual-teacher joint training" model, in the enterprise mainly through the way of instructors and apprentices, in the technical colleges and universities mainly adopt the integrated teaching method of engineering, with the goal of cultivating middle and senior skilled workers, and give full play to the enterprise The main role of training skilled talents.

From a school perspective: Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing and Application of CNC Programming and Industrial Robots to Maintenance will carry out Sino-German cooperation and introduce the German dual education model.

From an enterprise perspective: Yinbaoshan New Technology Co., Ltd. has a demand for talents and has the economic strength to carry out technical training.

(2) Establish "Yinbaoshan New Mould Class"

In September 2016, the "Yinbaoshan New Mould Class" named by the company was established.

Employment, enjoy social insurance such as old-age insurance and medical treatment purchased by the enterprise, and receive monthly salary from the enterprise during the study period. The college adopts the German dual system of teaching mode, and the learning courses are jointly developed by the college teachers, experts, enterprises and the German management team.

In the training plan, all the students of Yinbaoshan's new mold class are in school in the first academic year; 40% of the time in the second academic year, 60% of the time to the company to participate in special skills training; 20% of the third academic year Time to study in school, 80% of the time to the company to participate in project training and rotation internships, so that students can be more exposed to the problems encountered in the actual operation process, students are trained closer to the requirements of the company.

(3) The role of dual system vocational education

What students learn is the content of work after graduation, so students have clear learning goals and high learning desires. Many students consciously go to the classroom to enter the processing state in advance.

In addition, the company issues uniforms and social security cards for students, so that students can integrate into the company early, and students co-trained by the school and enterprise can achieve "zero docking" with future jobs and corporate culture.

(4) Requirements of dual system vocational education

Although dual education has many advantages, it also places higher demands on schools. Teachers demand rationality.

On the balance of teaching and practical teaching abilities; abundant teaching resources to ensure that each student has a workstation; the school provides 3-4 times the financial support of ordinary teaching on practical training consumables; and so on.

After the dean of the Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing finished his speech, the new vice chairman of Yinbaoshan gave a report on the German dual system training. The report mentioned that the company has invested in three "dual systems" since April 2016. The study classes are Shenzhen Technician College Class, Longchuan Technical School Class and its own training class. Students who enter each class through enrollment will sign a training agreement and labor contract with Yinbaoshanxin during their studies. After the study is over, they will become silver Formal employees of Baoshan New Group signed a five-year employment agreement with the company.

The report also includes the following aspects:

(1) New teaching platform provided by Yinbaoshan

Yinbaoshan New Mould Class carries out diversified learning classes, such as UG modeling comprehensive training, parts surveying and mapping comprehensive

Practice training, general lathe training, fitter grinder training and 5S training, as well as teaching guidance with the participation of German expert Marcus.

(2) Input cost of dual system

Yinbaoshan has invested a large amount of funds for the dual system, and has also received government support. The government's funding projects include:

In July 2016, it was assessed as "Shenzhen Off-campus Public Training Base" by Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau and Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and obtained the right to use 1 million yuan of practical training equipment;

In January 2017, it was recognized as "Shenzhen Technician Workstation" by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security;

The project under review is the "Baoan District Off-campus Public Internship Training Base". If approved, the right to use training facilities of 500,000 yuan can be obtained.

(3) External training

Yinbaoshanxin strives to provide trainers and students with opportunities to communicate closely with German companies:

The training person in charge of dual education has visited the Guangzhou office of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and went to GROB Machine Tools

(Dalian), OSRAM Lighting (Foshan) and other German companies visited and studied;

The company has four full-time dual system trainers, of which three have passed the training and examinations of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and obtained the "German Dual System Trainer Qualification Certificate";

The selected students went to the SCHLAUIHK Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a vocational education consulting agency in Nuremberg, Germany, for learning and exchanges, and visited the Nuremberg Industrial Culture Museum.

(4) Challenges of dual system vocational education

The dual system of vocational education poses new challenges to Yinbaoshan in three aspects: On the one hand, the cost of training is relatively high.

High, the average training cost for each skilled worker is 28,800 yuan, and the salary cost is about 50,600 yuan per worker. On the other hand, there are restrictions on the space. To train skilled workers, it is necessary to set up an independent workshop. At present, 300 are used. Square meters are used as training venues; on the other hand, there is a lack of government policies in this area, and there are fewer supporting policies.

  Through this seminar, all companies have learned that "dual system" vocational education can provide suitable people for companies

This advantage of talent, but for small and micro enterprises, the amount of investment in teaching is staggering. For enterprises in need of "dual system" vocational education, I hope that the government can provide greater financial support in the future, and plan and guide a number of small and micro enterprises to jointly establish "dual system" classes.



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