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Shenzhen Dahan Precision Parts was established in 1999. It is a manufacturer focusing on non-standard precision parts processing and non-standard automation equipment. The company has been deeply involved in the mechanical processing industry for 20 years, has a professional design and manufacturing team of more than 100 people, and has provided high-quality services for domestic, Japanese, European and American customers for a long time. Help customers to solve the whole machine processing, assembly, debugging, program design and after-sales support. Self-developed non-standard equipment is widely used in consumer electronics, auto parts, food processing, aerospace, automated production and many other fields. The company has more comprehensive manufacturing processes such as milling, turning, grinding, wire cutting, electric spark, sheet metal, electric welding, and surface treatment, and nearly 200 production equipment. 20 years of experience in the production of precision parts, helping customers reduce production costs while ensuring quality and delivery

The company takes the customer as the center, strives for pleasure, and does every part with ingenuity. To grow together with employees, use only by virtue, and reuse by virtue; be virtuous and talented, and reuse by exception. In the many years of market competition, we adhere to the "customer first" idea and the "persistent manufacture of high-quality goods" literature. We firmly believe that your choice is our development, and your satisfaction is our success. We will advance with the times, surpass ourselves, strive for perfection, never let up, and work together with everyone to create a better future.

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